Thursday, 12 March 2015

Fullips lip enhancer - does it really work?

As you may know from previous posts I could never get my hands on the
Fullips lip enhancer but I recently found a shop on eBay based in the UK that
sells all three styles.  - can be found HERE.
I have my own method which I find more effective and I will get into later in
this post but for now let's put the Fullips device to the test. 
(For reference I purchased the medium oval)
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Starting out bare; I by no means have the smallest lips
but I would like them to be just a teeny bit fuller, especially my top lip. 
This device consists of a piece of hard plastic with rounded edges that causes a 
suction and pulls blood/fluid to the lips to create a naturally plump pout.
It isn't a permanent solution and typically lasts a few hours but claims over time to
'train' the lips to retain their fullness.
So did it work?
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 Getting used to the suction and how to get this device to stay on my lips
was the hardest part for me; it takes some practise.
The first time I used this I got a cupping mark under my lip as the suction pulled the 
underneath part of my lip inside also, It looks similar to a love bite and
is avoided by applying less suction.
I tried the device a few different ways, the most effective being show below in the
bottom left photo; this applied fullness through the centre which is what I wanted.
As you can see below it does mess up your make up so I'd avoid 
Estee Lauder double wear and other un-blendable foundations when using this.
It did add a little fullness; this was after 5-10 minutes, but I was pretty disappointed in 
how little it actually did, I'm not sure if the other sizes would be better but for me
I just found the device too bulky and quite difficult to use.
After a few days of trying to get used to using this I found my lips were
sore and dry and I wasn't even causing a lot of suction when using it.
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 Shown below is another close up, you can see that my bottom lip
is a little fuller but the biggest change is my top lip; the cupids bow
has plumped up and become less prominent which is what I wanted.
This device did work and did make a difference,
I'd say it only lasted about an hour but the leaflet that came with the device
said it all depends on how hydrated you are.
(You can see all my lovely cracked foundation around my mouth here)
I paid £23 for the Fullips enhancer but I honestly don't think it's worth the money
 due to finding an alternative which i'll get to in a moment.
This device only plumps slightly, doesn't last long and leaves a ring around your mouth like
you've been attached to a vacuum cleaner.
I can't deny that it did make a bit of a difference but not twenty three pounds worth of 
a difference.
Fullips,lip enhancer, plump lips, suction, natural,lip plumper, fullips dupe, bblogeers, beauty
Now onto the reason I don't think it's worth it; 
I found a better alternative before I ever purchased the Fullips device!
 I was left disappointed with the Fullips enhancer due to thinking; 

'If this is what a plastic lid can do then what is the Fullips enhancer
capable of?'

When I first saw Fullips advertised I knew I couldn't buy one due to living in the UK,
I tried to cause the same effect using a plastic lid. (I now have two that I use.)
The plastic is thinner, you can see what you're doing and it works a LOT better,
I used this method HERE & HERE if you're interested.
(My lips are huge in the second link from using these lids for 5 minutes!)
If you get a lid with sharp edges it may hurt a little but just don't cause as much suction.
I never get any pain, no dry lips, no aching or no cupping marks while using these lids.
The lids were free; off old products and they work better than the device created
specifically for this purpose. 
The effect also lasts a LOT longer! I can get a few hours of really plump lips when 
using the plastic lids;  I know which I'll be sticking too.
- nice double chin shot there! -
Fullips,lip enhancer, plump lips, suction, natural,lip plumper, fullips dupe, bblogeers, beauty

Have you tried the Fullips Enhancer? 
What are your thoughts?